Axis Muscle Activation




If you're struggling with recurrent aches and strains, feeling older and more limited or you aren't hitting your physical performance goals - Muscle Activation Techniques ("MAT") will enhance your body's ability to tolerate the rigors of your sport or daily life. MAT focses on improving the neuromuscular communication between your muscles and your brain by using a systematic approach. The outcome of this approach is better muscle function (strength), improved mobility, reduced recurrent strains and aches, and feeling like your body is back to normal or feeling young again. 

Axis Muscle Activation utilizes Muscle Activation Techniques ("MAT") to improve your body's ability to tolerate stress from activity or daily living and create force. Using MAT clients have seen improvements in their ability to tolerate stress in all its forms (chemical, physical and emotional) across their body and continue to move, feel and perform better in all stages of their life. MAT can help top level professional athletes, to weekend warriors, to older adults and people with recurrent strains, sprains and pain. Learn more @!

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